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At Yojnaa, we believe in helping and supporting youth in a variety of ways to become responsible leaders of our future generations. We do this by developing youth physically, intellectually, emotionally and by improving their overall resilience.

We believe it is important to enable youth of the 21st century to be resilient more so than to be successful or to be rich or to pursue happiness, primarily because the multipolar digital world that we have created will project challenges not presented to the generations past or known to humankind.

At Yojnaa, we provide pro bono services (seminars, workshops, counselling & coaching) to youth and academic institutions (school, college, university, youth club, student unions) across Canada and online. Please complete and submit the form below if you wish to invite one of our speakers for an event.

Please be sure to watch the many educational videos we have curated for the youth, below the contact form.

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