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At Yojnaa, we believe startups have a very unique role to play in defining the future.

Everyday the world we live in, faces evolving challenges. As the global demography evolves, the environment deteriorates and technology advances, significant challenges and opportunities will be presented. Large corporations will be too inflexible in managing certain types of changes. Youngsters and seasoned professionals alike will step-in to seize opportunities so presented in all quarters, to address the challenges facing humanity, society, environment and nation states.

With these beliefs, we support startups in a very unique way. We love to help founders outline a business plan, build roadmap to their first seed funding, crowd funding, government grants, grants from various foundations, angel investors, VCs and Institutional Investors and Banks. We are passionate to guide Startups through their journey of ideation, developing the product, building teams, business architecture, technology architecture, accessing funding, mentoring, coaching and training for founders and much more.

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