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  • Commerce & Economic Development
    Every business community needs a voice. That voice generally is the local chamber of commerce and/or the economic development agency/department of the local government. In this blog series, we shall discuss and share, what are the bare minimum activities and initiatives, a chamber of commerce and/or an economic development agency ought to do, in order to be the voice for its community and serve its constituents.
  • Shopify
    Start a business from home Shopify Customer Stories
  • Sophos
    Product Videos Naked Security
  • SAP
    Sapphire Now SAP Technology SAP Industries SAP for Small and Medium Business
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
    This Week in Cloud State of the Public Cloud Getting Started with Google Cloud Platform
  • Cyber Security
  • Microsoft AZURE Cloud
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS cloud)
  • B Corp

    At Yojnaa, we believe in doing good for the planet and people before profits. That said, we have recently discovered a parallel movement called “Benefit Corporation” for short “B Corp” by a non-profit called B Labs based in the United States. We would love to help you pursue the B Corp certification as you engage in the community conscientiously.