About us

Who we are

The word Yojnaa means a project or a plan, to be more precise, a project with a noble and uplifting cause at its core. Literally in its root is the word Yuj which means to join in. Yuj is also the root of the word Yoga, which also means to join in. With this core philosophy, our team at Yojnaa is passionate and committed to initiating and join-in on projects that make a difference for our clients, planet and its people.

We are a social business at heart. We are motivated by value creation in society and for humanity versus paper profits for corporations or shareholders. What drives us is service to the people and the planet. If this resonates with you, we would love to connect with you.
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What we stand for

At Yojnaa, we believe in enabling individuals and organizations transform how they think, plan and respond to the ever emerging challenges be it personal, societal, organizational or existential. We do it with utmost dedication, transparency, efficiency, efficacy while educating all involved in the process.

Our role in the world

Our role in this world is fairly simple. We see this world as an extension of ourselves. We aspire to manifest goodwill, health and wellness, prosperity and peace in anything and everything that we touch upon. We are passionate to bring smiles and enlighten the minds of those we interact with, and collectively we learn and grow through the process. Let’s transform this world together. Please feel free to connect with us via the form below.

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