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Cyber Security

The Evolution of Wi-Fi ISACA Podcast

Once a technological marvel, the idea of a wireless connection to the Internet has become so engrained in the digital world that it is hard to fathom a time when that was not the case. But just because Wi-Fi has gone mainstream does not mean it is static. In this episode of the Cyber Pros Exchange series, security experts Dustin Brewer and Frank Downs consider the history of Wi-Fi, how it reached its position today and why it’s so important that it be secured properly.
  1. The Evolution of Wi-Fi
  2. Why You Need a Proactive Approach to Risk
  3. Engineering an Effective Privacy Game Plan
  4. Finding the Human Factor in Work From Home
  5. Breaking Down Blockchain
  6. The Road to Achieving Privacy by Design
  7. Cybersecurity Degrees or Certificates?
  8. Creating Value by Taking Risks and Overcoming Fear of Failure
  9. Framework Overload
  10. Protecting the Privacy of Our Digital Selves

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